One day, many years from now when you realize what you’ve lost – you will search for me. Perhaps you’ll email me but there will be no reply; or maybe you’ll call my number but it will have changed…and when you give up trying to find me physically, you’ll search for me emotionally. You’ll try to find someone else who will love you like i did or how I make you laugh as much as I used to…but you’ll soon realize there’s nobody else quite like me. I was unique..I was the one for you – and you lost me. And you will try so desperately to find traces of me in every soul you meet for the rest of your days..but you will never find me.

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  1. Hey hi,

    I was just reading your article and I have been in that phase or you can say still in there and I feel your pain. People I guess take us for granted coz the problem is that they feel that we need them more but the actual fact is that they need us more than we do. I guess the coin will flip some day and they will know our worth, but I am sure that you have done all you could and might do still I guess that is how we are. When we give we give our all and the only thing we expect is for them to just understand us. good luck hope I have tried to understand your emotions. The problem is that we can never forget and I guess there is nothing like the word forget because in the subconscious mind it is always there, therefore we can just keep it aside. that’s it. Take care.

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