Day 8 & Day 9 – 30 Days of Remembrance

I have been a busy girl again the last two days and my brain hasn’t had much time for memories or remembering. Thursday I spent some quality time with a friend in the morning. It was National BFF day, so I chose one of my closest friends and we had a great visit with coffee, giggles, hugs and best friend love.  

After that, my day got crazy busy and the busy carried right into today.  I’m back in my yard working on my next project.  I can’t tell you what it is because it’s a surprise for when Jim gets home, 😊 but it’s dirty and scratchy and itchy and I am having a blast of a time.

While I was working today I had a memory of my mom and Aunty B, together in the kitchen making pickles.  It was a summer tradition and I especially liked when they made bread and butter pickles.  It was a two day adventure with cucumbers and onions and vinegar.  The smells were strong and sometimes almost made your eyes water, but it was a fun exciting time and yummy fresh pickles would soon be ready to eat.  

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