She Knows Better

This post is dedicated to the Mother of Nature.
(I love you and thank you for all the flowers and happiness)


We try to beat you and all our aspirations fall down of your stars.
We try to protect you while we’re crawling in your spreading hug.
We try to mimic you so badly and it ends up in seizures of our ignorance.
You fix and fight and forgive, praying for us whose lips are yelling at you to leave us and our hearts shaking out of fear; if you turn your back for a second…
You won’t.
You can’t.
A mother of all your children you are.
Look at our agony and let us forget.
Gather your army in our vessels and make us free.
Raise us beyond your skies.
Run us like a flock of kites.
Free of ourselves.
Free of destiny.
Higher and higher in your green arms.

2 thoughts on “She Knows Better”

  1. Higher and higher in the white clouds… :)) :))
    Nice song,btw !

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