Russian roulette

So I’m going out tonight. This time with my usual crew minus Evan since he’s out of town thankfully.  I just hope I don’t get on that kick where I feel like I need to get a number or go home with someone.  It seems like lately every time I drink I can never just have fun with my friends, I always have to be on the lookout for guys.  Luckily the place we’re going to tonight won’t have many (if any) options so that’ll nip that right in the bud.  Or I hope I don’t get beer goggles.  I swear I go out on the strangest nights.  First it was Monday night and now on a Wednesday.  I do have to get up at 9am tomorrow so I can’t go too crazy.  I don’t really plan on it though.  Anyways, work was boring and kind of slow so hopefully tomorrow will be the same.  Nothing else new to report.  Hopefully the night won’t be as shitty as it was Monday night.  Wish me luck!!

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