Summer Vacation, FINALLY.

I finished everything last night five minutes before everything was completely due. I got an A in my English, P.E., and my Homeroom. I got a B in my math, Biology and my History. Everything went well, though I woke up later than I wanted.

I overheard my parents saying they might not make it to my brother’s graduation. He really wasn’t interested and everyone is complaining about the heat. Regardless, it’s fine. The more his graduation date becomes closer, the more fat I feel, too fat to feel comfortable in something nice in front of a LOT of people.

Besides, I literally just graduated yesterday and having to go to his graduation four days later sounds really tiring and boring and like it will be 100 degrees.I plan to work on being able to drive this summer, I need to study for that. Aaaaannnnddd, I’m going to study Algebra 2 for next year.

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