9. Motivated

Sitting here in a moon chair with my little puppy… panting… sweating and hard for me to breath here and there. My Body weight workout started today and I just now finished the workout. It really pains me to say that I am so freaking out of shape. I can’t believe I let myself go.

But, I am proud of myself. Even though it was just only a 15 minute workout -lol-

Time for a change in my life. Time for more reading, writing, and exercising! No more being lazy, eating and playing Sims Freeplay on my phone Ha-ha.

This body weight only program lasts 4 weeks, so I need to be on the ball of this and definitely stick with it. Well, time for me to get my sweaty booty off this chair and shower and begin the day. (:

workout day one complete.

One thought on “9. Motivated”

  1. I’m proud of you. I’ve been trying to better myself as well by doing the same things as you–reading, writing, and exercising. It’s very hard, and I’m still working on the exercise part haha. It’s very hard to stay motivated! But, I am glad that you’re stepping towards change.

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