Back to work! My Wednesday journal

Can’t believe how many time I got sick this year already and I’m getting sick of getting sick one after one. Started with ear infection on both side then shingles right after followed by strep throat. Don’t even remember the last time that I felt like I’m healthy. Am I stressed out? do I have an irregular eating habit? don’t work out enough? Well, I guess I have little bit of everything. Maybe I need to find my own place to live to have my old life style that I had in Chicago. Maybe it’s just happening with completely different reason. I don’t know what that is but I really don’t any of these to ever happen again. No more being sick!!!

It actually felt good to be back in the office after two days of absence. Maybe I just needed some break? Well, enjoyed time in the office today with colleagues. Catching up work was good too. Got right back on to track at the end of the day. Also got time to set up new iMac on the new desk. It’s nice that I don’t have to bring my backpack everyday to work anymore! Well, I just bought a new backpack today too lol. I need a new one tho. Got off work at 6 PM then skated back to home. Finally got my FabFitFun summer box! unboxing before the dinner then writing journals after the shower. 8:45 PM now and don’t have anything planned after this. Will just be relaxed at home. Don’t want to do anything but rest since I’m still getting over strep throat.

2 thoughts on “Back to work! My Wednesday journal”

  1. STOP being sick O and did you change your name? Thanks Sprout

  2. How are you sprout22? I’m good now and thank you 🙂
    Yes, I did change my name to O to be actual me. How’s everything going with you?

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