17. Rain

Usually I love the rain. It’s very calming to hear the droplets of water falling and hitting against the window, and also the smell of the aftermath. I don’t know how to explain it, it’s just nice. Well, That’s how I remembered it back in Texas..

I’m living in Canada now, and It has been raining a couple of days. Sadly I would have to keep the windows closed because it smells so horrible. Like sewage. Freaking sewage.

Way to ruin my favorite time -_-

Other than that, I woke up this morning feeling great, made breakfast, and instead of waking my husband up like I usually do, he woke up himself. He looked good, because he looked happy and stress free. It gives me that warm feeling inside.

Today is my dads birthday. He is now 40 years old! I swear though if you look at my parents, they look young as heck. My mom  still gets mistaken as my sister. I love them though, and I miss them so much. I love starting this new life with the love of my life, but of course you still have that part of you that still wishes you can be there with your family.

Like I wish we lived next door to them. I miss the family talks and holidays. But things change as you get older. I am really glad that I live here. My family has never been out of Texas, and after they visited, they wanted to do it again! They all loved it over here.

So now my parents are flying over to California which is great. I want them to explore.

Well, time to start drinking my coffee. I hope it isn’t cold 😮

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