[3] ~*Mon – 07/03/17*~

[6:14 pm]

Bleh! Time is going by too fast and I feel lazy right now. I told myself I’d go mow the lawn at 6 and it’s 6:15. I should really do that as I don’t feel like doing it tomorrow cause I need to clean the suggies cage and try to clean the gutters which are over due. I feel like I could go sleep right now but I should really try and get at least the front done today. Go go me!! 


[7:20 pm]

Yay me! Just finished the front and I’m dead. I don’t know how students mow lawns in the summer for money. I wouldn’t be able to do more than mine that’s for sure. I mostly always need a break between doing the front and the back. Also, I swear those ants have multiplied during the winter. I always had problems with ant hills on my front lawn but gosh, this year is out of control, hills have multiplied. I have way more than last year and they are getting bigger. I’ve tried all kind of things to get rid of those and I don’t know what to do anymore. Neighbor has some too and he’s trying stuff. I’m letting him try and tell me if it works or not cause I just don’t know what to do anymore. I’m about to call someone and even to that, I don’t know if they can really get rid of them. They are really annoying and my front lawn looks ugly. This is why I love winter, don’t see them.


[9:50 pm]

ARG! Toes on both feet are cramping. I’m miserable right now. I finished mowing the lawn. Used the weed cutter, then it broke so I fixed it cause I’m just that amazing. Finished what I was doing but made a mess on the baby barn with all the grass flying so decided to take out the hose and clean up. Then the neighbor got home so I talked a bit with him and asked about his ant hills and it seem that what he did worked as far as we can see so I’m crossing my fingers. I really need to do something with the army I have on my front lawn. 

I took a quick cold shower to make me feel a little better but then my toes decided to cramp. It hurts and it’s annoying! The cramping doesn’t want to go away. =( 




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