You know what is pain?

Pain is missing someone

Missing someone feeling like someone just shoot you in the heart

And you heart is in a million pieces 

And you have that person just one text away

But you hold your self and keep your self from texting them

I feel like this pain is the price you pay for it

And you take deep breaths every time their memory penetrates your mind

And a day comes when there is no more pain

and then you are cured

All you have to do is stay strong

And then one day you are free

Free from the tho’ts of the person

Forever and always

#justthinking #randomthots

One thought on “Pain”

  1. Hey Cameron, are you OK? <3
    You know my granddad also passed away last year on 14 July n I miss him too n my grandma she passed away 9 years ago n was so little to understand the pain then
    She almost raised me. Now I feel the void sometimes n my pain for my grandfather's departure is still new n its his 1st anniversary in 10 days n I feel like I miss him a lot.
    And i hope you don't have to suffer any kind of pain ever and no one hurts you. I pray that you stay free of pains of all kinds. And thankyou for your care 🙂

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