[19.1] ~*Wed – 07/19/17*~

[9:24 pm]

I managed to not puke last night and fall asleep. I still felt a bit sick this morning but it went away. I didn’t feel that tired but I guess I looked like it as my first client told me it looked like I was very tired. I think it might of been because the sun was affecting my eyes and I was squinting as I wasn’t wearing my sunglasses. 

I had time between clients so I went to get my friend and we went to eat at DQ. I told her I still haven’t heard from the guy for the jail which is getting very annoying. I’ve been waiting for a week now to book and it’s next week that we want to go. I almost want to book on the website but it’s too screwed up and I know the website is ripping me off. Every single day I go on to check for availability and every day I get a different price for the same day. It’s crazy! If I want to go I might have to book it there cause the guy isn’t responding unless I just give up and not go which is bleh! This really sucks! 

Beside that, hub was supposed to make me supper but I got home and he hadn’t started. He said he wasn’t feeling so I took pity on him and decided to go out to eat so we went to Subway. He was able to get in contact with someone for the PC. We’re waiting for a shipping thing to return it.




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