As I wrote in my last entry, Jack wanted to pay for my niece and I’s trip to the hot pools for her birthday. After me trying (and failing) to convince him not to, I finally caved and accepted his offer. 

I did so after ballet the day before we were meant to go. 

I’ve been doing ballet for years, I haven’t really gone far with it, but I don’t mind. Ballet is just my way of staying in top of my fitness while being busy. 

I got out of the studio and was in the changing room when my phone went off.  

“Have you thought about my offer more? I’m being serious, I have enough money to book out the entire place for you.” The text from Jack read. 

“I have, and it’s still a solid no.” I begin to type back, but I decide it’s easier to agree to let him do it, then to have constantly badgering me about it. 

“Fine, Jack. You can pay for it. Nobody can know though.” I hit send and turn my phone off. 

Once I return back to my hotel, I receive a notification saying that 350$ had been transferred into my account from Jack. 

My niece and I ended up having a great time. It came to less then what he gave me, so I was able to take her shopping afterwards. 

When I told Jack that I took her shopping he looked really happy. I think that as a father he knew that she would’ve been really happy with me. 

He asked me out to dinner one more time before I leave for Arizona and he leaves for L.A. I said yes and he smiled his wonderful smile. He then kissed me on the cheek again and held my hand as he walked me to the door. 

I’m starting to fall for him, even though I promised myself I wouldn’t. However, I’m not going to let anything happen, because I know how much pain that can brong upon a family. 

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