Journal Entry #36 (A bad start to a most likely bad day.)

You know a day is going to be bad when your dad gives you a deadline to do something and you’re nearing the time limit without having come close to completing the prerequisite(s). For context, he drove my brothers and I (and his GF) into a hotel in Mesa (he wins free nights at random hotels on some website.) Today is Sunday and he told me last night via room phone call (he actually let me and my brothers have our own room; remember how I said he brought his GF along? Yeahhhhhh….) that our Aunt was coming to visit us (for some reason) and to be bathed and dressed by 9:00 AM in which we will all have breakfast with her.

It is currently 8:49 AM and to put it simply: We’re not ready. It’s not my fault for this, but I won’t point fingers on here or IRL. I try not to do so out loud and instead opt for an internal blame game. I’m literally typing this and expecting him to burst into the room out of nowhere, as he of course took one of our room keys for himself. Once again, I have found myself in another one of those sticky situations I mentioned in my previous post(s). I swear, you can make a whole show about me and the horrible adventures I always partake in. I am so stressed out. I am always so stressed out. One of these days, it’s going to take it’s toll on me.

It’s 8:57. Lord have mercy on my soul.

It’s funny because even when we get to breakfast, it’s going to be so awkward. My dad is so obsessed with keeping up appearances and what other people think about him generally so he will hound me and my brothers to not “embarass” him in front of our Aunt. He even says “I don’t want y’all to make me look bad.” when it comes to our physical appearances (such as the clothing we choose to wear) and plenty other things. He targets my youngest brother specifically. Regarding the food, I’m not even hungry to be honest. I just ate an hour ago, which was not the smartest idea but couldn’t be helped because someone else brought me a plate of food and I didn’t want them to have to eat two plates by themselves. Oh well, I’m not really a problem child in my dad’s eyes (or in anyone’s eyes) so hopefully he won’t have a problem with it.

It’s currently 9:10. I’m going to go and wait now, so wish me luck, I guess?

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