A Danger of Channeling Spirits : Voices Bombardment


August 11, 2017

9:24 pm

  These negative spirit attachments have been active all day, but the voices have definitely picked up in intensity this past half hour. It’s starting to get to the level I call “a bombardment.” 

  I’ve been experiencing these more intense “bombardments” (where I’ll hear the intrusive voices at a more intense level than I normally do) for the past few weeks now. These “bombardments” of voices have been occurring at night, typically about a hour or two before I turn in for the evening.

 Tonight’s “bombardment of voices” already seems to be subsiding. Hopefully that will be it for the night. But, sometimes the voices grow in intensity a few times over the course of any given evening (recently at least). 

 Well, I’m feeling quite tired anyway. I’m going to call it a night and turn in in a few minutes.

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