Farm life

Buying a small farm sounded so good to us. Growing our own food, and raising our babies in nature. The romantic vision quickly faded. I’m left home with our babies while my husband is on the road. He’s providing us the money to live. While I’m left figuring out how to be a farmer. It’s easy, right? Well not for me it isn’t. I’ve got to keep one baby on my hip and the other somewhat under control. Thankfully school’s starting soon. We have 5 acres we intend to farm with an ideal to me way of farming. I’m hitting a brick wall with others though. My ideas aren’t the old fashion way on a tractor getting it done. Nope I want to use animals to help around here. I want to do it in a way that helps everyone and everything involved. And I’m starting to see why Farmers are broke. Shit ain’t cheap! That’s mostly why I’m taking this approach, well that and it’s got to be better for the Earth. I don’t want to leave it worse off for my future Grand babies. Foodie meets farm.

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