Dear Lord, help my son

Dear Lord,

You are my only hope. In you, and you alone, I place my trust. I pray for good news fast. Make haste to hear my cry because I miss my son. I know he is grown, Lord; that he belongs to you, but he is not well and you know his mind and soul needs healing and restoration. My eyes and heart cry day and night because his whereabouts and safety is unknown to me. There is no place he can hide from your loving eyes and hands, Lord, so I pray you watch over him and hold him in the hollow of your hand. I pray you draw him close to your heart, that you be merciful and piteous towards him. I ask you to shield him from evil, that you build a hedge of protection about him to keep him safe; that you guard him from the snakes and wolves of this world and send your angels to encamp round about him and let no harm come to even one hair on his head. Lift my son from the mire and pit, and quicken his spirit to life, O Lord. I pray no weapon formed against him prosper and you cover him in your love. I ask of you… to make yourself known to him. You know his very name and I ask you to call it, to reach through the fog of his drug-hazed mind with your mighty hand and heal him. Touch his soul. Please call to his remembrance the scriptures he has known since a child. May they be comfort and good food to his starving heart. Send good people and guides in his direction, those who will lift him up and relieve his despair. Dear Lord? I ask a special prayer for any who pray for my son or even give him so much as a crumb to eat. Bless them to overflowing, answer the prayers of their own hearts. Because you are able to do exceeding, abundantly more than we can ever ask or imagine, I ask you to do so for them. They are precious and unknown to me, but you know who they are, and I ask the greatest of all blessings upon each and every one of them. Please keep my son, who is your son, safe from all things, and bring me word soon that he is well. I thank you for the gift of him. Next to your son Jesus, and his love and mercy for me, my son is the greatest gift you have blessed me with. I cannot comprehend such love from you, but you have allowed me a tiny glimpse from the love I have experienced for my own son …. and from him. Help us, Dear Lord. Strengthen and comfort us. I pray this in the mighty and precious name of Jesus Christ, Savior of the world for ever and ever. Amen.

2 thoughts on “Dear Lord, help my son”

  1. Dear Almighty Jesus, I pray in the name of Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit. I declare in the name of Jesus that that angels will be send to trample the plans of evil and to lift this mothers son from his circumstances, to protect him with the blood of Jesus and be with him. Father send people over his path as there is power in your name, so that his heart and soul can be given to you.

    Let the power in your name go to work for this child of God to call his mother, return to her arms and love. I declare in the name of Jesus that all prayers will lift his soul, father have mercy on his soul as he may only be lost in a world full of evil.

    As you are the Almighty, no evil will stand against him, and I declare that you have had your hands on him always and will never let go. Thank you father for your love.

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