Still Alive

Well I am still alive…yea was a lil over dramatic in my last post and so much has happened since then. Dont get me wrong, still wish i wasnt here anymore. My husband and i split for like a week because he camr home drunk again and so i chose to leave. Started dating the guy that was talking to and holy crap he is…just wow. Controlling and yea half time we was talking we was fighting…and he acts like a lil biatch…i was stuck paying for like everything with him…think he bought me couple pa ka of cigs and 2 tacos…compared to $40, $50+ in clothes, prolly 10 packs of cigs, etc so yea but yet he wants to act like “the man” NEWS FLASH: you aint in el salvador anymore honey. Told him straight up that my father was dead and i dont need/want another! Which I’m still angry about him passing away and never wanting to be there with me but what can i do? My hubby and me are back together and ive stopped talking to Mr. Controlling. Also have another job. Miss my residents so much but yet again what can i do? Now i work 2 jobs…only 7 hours a day but its monday to friday for now. Started taking duloxetine 60 mg daily and i felt that has been working but last few days ive regressed and I’m unsure why. Been taking it like i should and around same time everyday but lately feel its not working. But story of my life. Well guess should try sleeping…which is when im happiest. Good night and sweet dreams.

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