Dear Diary,

I feel sick right now and so frustrated. Why the hell what I say or suggest is of not of any importance. I have to listen to all and do as per what they say and how they wanted things to be done by me, but when I say something its heard but no reaction or the expression in their faces makes me feel that as though I am talking something worthless. When they say I have to make sure it is done or until then I cant do what I want. I just feel at times like being in a prison or just being captured. At times even if they say that it is not possible or I am talking senseless or just assumed before itself that it might be of no interest. At times I just hate my life. I wish I was born here and had a lifestyle like here where you do not take permission for anything. I dont know what to say…..I just want to wear a cloak and not be myself at times. ¬†Even though we have freedom but I guess it is never put to action because when you do then all the other things come into picture like culture, gender or even you are a mom and things change. Things can never change.

2 thoughts on “Unwanted”

  1. I hear you, Roswell. You sound as if you feel very alone and maybe very controlled by others, family, etc. I pray for you to have the peace of mind and heart that
    God gives. I pray He will calm you and make you know you are loved dearly by Him.
    Please write more soon. Blessings.

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