Come stand in front of me and stare me in the eyes,

take your gaze from top to bottom and treat me like a prize.

Run your hands so softly along my body and its curves,

In your eyes is a wild look that triggers something in your nerves.

Your need for me increases like you can just no longer resist,

you press your lips against mine so it all starts with a kiss.

Slowly lower me down onto the bed with your body on top of mine,

the blood it courses through my veins and I get chills all down my spine.

Bring your mouth down to my chest and take a breast into your mouth,

continue to enjoy my body as you work your way down south.

Raise my legs and bend my knees then let them fall aside,

put your mouth on my aching pussy and let your tongue begin to guide.

Feel the warmth of my juices escape against your face,

feel my thighs begin to quiver and my body start to shake.

Rise back up to me and press your lips on mine,

let me taste me on your lips please let me taste that wine.

Your body now pressed against mine waiting with anticipation,

driving yourself slowly into me giving me the best sensation.

You work yourself in and out and making your own beat,

they way you move against my body makes me grip the sheet.

You thrust and you tease until I’m begging you for no more teasing,

but your not done and take it out and begin on slowly easing.

Inch by inch you move your cock deeper into my tight ass,

you take away my breath when you’ve only made it halfway.

I gripped your ass and pull you in to let you fill my hole,

you release a moan of pleasure as I wrap around you tightly so that now I am in control.

You try to back away from me because you’re not ready to be finished,

but you have me on the edge of ecstasy and this orgasm feels like it might be the biggest.

I grip your shoulders tight and thrust against your erection,

we cum as one in unison and that’s pretty much fucking perfection.


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