Day 542 & 543 – Work & new friend

Monday, August 21st 2017

Today was much slower than usual, especially because it’s my last week and I’m working with my usual partner, which if I previously mentioned, I don’t like. I get mad at him almost every day, and for the first hour I was, though acting fine on the outside, but then I realised he didn’t even do anything yet, and I was only being mad at him to be mad. So I calmed down, realising my mistake, and he didn’t give me a reason to be mad at him all day. No sexist comment, or anything of the sort. I still don’t like him, because of previous things he has said and done, but I’ll say he was much nicer that day. There was also a meeting at some point, so everyone was gone except newer employees and helpers/students, so I just went around trying to figure out stuff to do, since the machine I was assigned during the meeting needed a specific colour metal sheet, but there wasn’t any left, so I needed more cut, except the machine we use to cut is the one I use with my partner on a typical day, and he was at the meeting, so, got stuck there.

At home I played Club Penguin and I met someone. They were asking if anyone saw the eclipse, and I answered that I didn’t have special glasses for it. Then we began talking, realising we are actually much more “normal” (others just joke around and such) than most players on the website, and that we connected pretty well. They talked about creating a game, and how it’s more of an artistic approach, and then we shared our art and worked around filters (they censored Twitter in the game to avoid giving out info, and so the code was “blue bird website”), and we gave each other our Discord. We talked a bit while I watched Supernatural, then I left for the night, since it was getting late and they didn’t seem to be answering all that much anymore. They’re pretty nice though, and we both seem to be able to carry on a good conversation, given we have major things in common.

Tuesday, August 22nd 2017

Today was even slower. Although, partner did not give me a reason to be mad. My coworker that I eat lunch with and sees me as his daughter keeps giving me chocolate, haha. He says he’s craving for it lately, although doesn’t like it that much, so he gives me half a bar. This time he gave me and the other girl a bag of chocolate almonds. I ended up taking the bag, since it didn’t seem like she was eating it that much. Also, I was so exhausted.

At home I just tried getting stamps on Club Penguin (achievements), and then figured out the coin glitch I was having was only visual. Then I watched Supernatural.

That’s all for today.

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