Keto Day 1

Aug 21

Still do not like kale. Replace with something similar but less offensive. Breakfast was good, get a scale to have correct measurements though, I think I had too much nuts.

Half way through the day, I’m getting hungry even though I had that giant salad for lunch. I’m assuming my body will adapt to keto quickly so I can start burning the energy buried in my ass and stomach.

Verdict on Keto Lemonade: Good for some, I apparently prefer plain water. I’ll munch on a few pink salt rocks when I need a bit of salt. Salt is yummy anyways.

By 4 pm I was getting my shaky feeling. Had some walnuts and a hard boiled egg while at my moms.

Chicken curry was good, not spicy. Next time, add cauliflower to the pan and heat it that way, gets more saucy that way I think. Less steps since I don’t have to boil the cauliflower. 

NO BONES next time.

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