day 1

This is whats been going through my mind for the past couple days. If you really sit back and think about our  lives we live in negativity. We become infested with wrong out looks of our personal selves. Let me explain what I truly mean by this. For every time that you’ve looked at yourself in the mirror and thought highly of what you see reflecting at you, there’s another 5 times you’ve looked at what you seen and weren’t pleased at what you were looking at. It’s crazy to me, to think that for every 1 time I appreciate the way I look there’s almost a ratio of the next 5 times I relfect through the mirror i’m disappointed at what I see staring back at me. To continue on, think about your memories. We are so focused on the poor outcomes we have gotten in the past, that we can’t remember the little things that made us smile in those moments. Like when a couple splits up out of spit, they want to revolve their past relationship on hatred. They look back at every single arguement that they’ve gotten into, instead of simply  reminiscing in the blissful moments that when they were together, it made sense. The worst part is that we feed into this. Maybe its human nature, that we just can’t help wanting to bring up the so called memories or negative feelings. 

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