It’s been raining for hours and hours and hours.

Yesterday I had to walk to school in the rain so I could take my second SAT. The entire forty-minute walk was miserable.

My scores are probably going to be shit. They come out in September; I don’t even want to know what I got.

I couldn’t sleep last night because the sound of the raindrops splashing into the puddles outside was too disgusting. I also woke up several times because I was dreaming about one of the math problems I didn’t know how to do on yesterday’s SAT. I woke up before I solved it because my heart was beating so fast.

Isn’t it amazing how you can actually see triangles and tangent lines in your dreams?

I’m feeling soaked and heavy. There’s too much wetness everywhere. I want to just curl up on the floor in my closet and listen to music.

My head hurts, and I feel nauseous. Honestly, the rain sounds DISGUSTING, splashing everywhere. It makes me feel sick and damp and clammy.

Ugh. At least school has been canceled tomorrow, because of the constant flash-flood warnings and such. Thank God for small mercies. The bad thing is, though, that now the first day of school will also be my birthday, which is just strange.

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