[53.2] ~*Tue – 08/29/17*~

[11:40 pm]

My day started a bit harsh as I had a dream about my husband wanting to leave me, once again. I really hate having those dreams but I guess there’s nothing I can really do about them. It would be so nice if only we could control our dreams. I’d be a fairy all the time. Hehe!

Anyways, enough about that dream as someone commented that I shouldn’t try to find a meaning to it. I’m just glad to see that someone else had those type of dreams at some point and didn’t think more from it than that.

Alright, I just said I’d stop talking about it. So, my day was awesome! We left a bit after 11 am as hub was late getting up. On our way to town we stopped at the campground where we’re meant to go next week cause I wanted to show my friend the treehouses. We sadly couldn’t visit any as they were all rented. She did get to see a little of the outside of one and she saw the cottages which she’d like to go so maybe next year we could do that. After that we meet my mom in town and we went out to eat. Then me and hub went to the dentist and mom and my friend went out to the wharf. I was sorta scared to go to the dentist and have more things needing to be done but it was all good. My bottom teeth are all good, I just need to do the work that already needed to be done on the upper ones which will be done in one appointment in like three weeks. For once I’m happy, hub was in more trouble than I was. Hehe! She was able to do all my cleaning today but hub needs to go for a second one when I go for my fillings. After we were done at the dentist we meet my mom and friend at the wharf and spent like an hour there. They have this boat that tours around the river and we wanted to go on it but it was too late and it had already done it’s last tour. We might go when we go back for our next dentist appointment. We then went to see Kidnap which was really good. My friend kept jumping and it was very funny. I also scared the hell out of her when she was in mom’s car. I walked up to her window and knocked which made her scream. My mom was laughing so hard. Bouhaha!

Beside that I got an email from the office saying that they have hours for me. She said she had a client with six hours so I could do my Mon from 9-12 and Wed 10-1. The thing is, I’ve told her many times before that I don’t want to work on Wed morning. I don’t know why she just can’t put it in her darn head. Tue is my only day off so I don’t want to work before 1 pm on Wed in case we go out and I end up going to bed late. It pisses me off that she keeps trying to give me clients Wed morning. It would also put me over time. She said it would give me my 44 hrs but it would give me 45 which we can’t do over time. Bleh! I haven’t responded yet cause she just made me mad. I don’t know if I can take only three of the six hours but I hope so. I’m also sorta debating on it cause I want to go see for a job at the Halfway House. It’s kinda mean to take the hours and then turn around and be like, by the way, I got a new job. But I also have to look out for myself as who says I will get a job there. I still haven’t called back or email the guy. I really need to do that tomorrow.




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