I knew this was coming …
Last night my head hurt ,my throat was sore ,then the chlorine kind of taste in the back of the throat and then during the night the breathing was rattling.
Yep I am coming down with a cold .
I am babysitting again today as daughter has one of her counselling appointments.I lose track of who she sees as every week she reads something new on the internet and asks me if I think she has that .
She is her own worst enemy along with her laptop .
Daughter darling you need to go to housekeeping and childcare classes !
When I babysat on Saturday I put the baby’s coat on and let him play in the garden.He loved it ,he didn’t want to come back in .He found spiders and ants and looked at the flowers .Daughter doesn’t let him play in the garden ,he is trapped indoors all day with his toys and TV on unless she goes for a coffee at her friends house.
So this morning while I am there the back door will be open again and baby will be free to wander outside.Hes 18 months old , a time when his mind is cramming itself full of new stuff.
I had a text last night from my brother …after 30 years guess I should be grateful I got a text.He wants to meet up Mum and Dads house basically for pickings ,see if there’s anything of value.
The vultures are setting in .
I told him at the funeral that they had nothing of value it is purely sentimental stuff .Mum and Dad weren’t people that bought valuable keepsakes they preferred to spend their money on things they actually used but of course he wouldn’t know that as he never bothered to visit them for 30 years.
In the text he referred to me as the childhood nickname he always called me when we was kids,that was a mindwarp as I haven’t heard that for more than 30 years.
The memories of us all as kids at home came flooding back.
So we will meet up at the house and I’ll let him take what he wants but the truth is I have most of the important stuff here at my house so unless he asks for a particular piece then he is free to rummage through the stuff I am throwing or donating.
The workmen are going in in a few weeks to do maintenance on the house ,a new roof ,rewiring and so on .It needs doing so I can decide what to do with their house either sell or rent out .
This will be an interesting meeting with him and I wonder if we will be able to get back that brother/sister relationship we used to have.

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