its been awhile

Hey sorry I haven’t written in a hot minute but I am back so mostly everyone who has read my recent entries I have some problems with not only myself but with the demons who live inside me..but I want to change all that I want to take this big step forward I have been planning for years I want to get to where I want, my dream is to be noticed for something I am good at not just my past. I want to be told “you’re going to be okay mg, you are doing awesome..” praises like that The only one giving me anything like that is myself. Anyways…I think that moving away from where I am now will help me make this big step but only one problem my boyfriend , he does not want to leave because of his mother aka (the moocher) she cant support her self I cant stop punching myself in the head about this, she really pisses me off. I will spill later on i got to make food. im hungry like usual sighs laterz <3 

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