Day 24

The day was the best day in Canada so far. And, in fact, it’s my 3rd home-country now. There were some thinks today that I would never think of Canada – beach, sandy and hot, with everything needed for the perfect beach – American soccer game, pure water 💦, books, company, laughter, bikini, hundreds of pictures, swimming and the sunset. There was everything. Nature. Dunes. Rental car. Wide and perfect roads. Music. 

I say thank you myself. For being open. For being sunshine. For being able to cope with the problem I’ve faced. For working on myself. For taking care. For making this country home. 

I say thank you IH company for being nice and host. For being interesting and open-minded. For being funny and cool. 

I say thank you God, Universte, Divine, Nature, Spiritual Teachers, Friends and Family for being there for me during the hardest and toughest moments. 

I say thank you, Lera. It feels even brighter now. Everything that kills you make you feel alive. 


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