No such thing as soulmates

I thought he’s the one, I was wrong. I don’t think he will learn to love me so this is the end of my feelings for him. He is more damaged than I thought he was. His first sexual partner had ruined him for any other woman. Time to forget about him. This really really sucks. Why is love so unfair?

2 thoughts on “No such thing as soulmates”

  1. I feel ya! I have been in love with a man since 2003! He is married with two children now. As for me…. I haven’t been able to make anything work since him…..I compare everyone to him. He still contacts me randomly and he tells me he still loves me. Unfortunately, he is still married and vows to stay with her.. for the kids… I think that is horse shit… but regardless I will always love him and what we had! <3 Sorry for your pain!

  2. I ask myself this everyday! Kinda going through it with the man I love. He CARES for me, but does not LOVE me… Something had to happen that made him “incapable” of loving back. He loves his mother, but that is about it. For now, I am trying to help him work on it… Love should be able to be given freely. I do not know why it is unfair. I hope that you can work it out with the person and if not, I hope that you find your special someone. Peace & Love <3

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