Serious About This

I’ve been having these lucid dreams lately about the same person. I’m always aware that I’m dreaming while in my dreams. I always bring you up and you always appear. The dreams give me so much comfort because we’re always happy in my dreams. We’re happy to see each other, happy to be around each other, and just well…happy. I’ve been trying to make that dream into reality, but it’s so hard. Maybe I’m not trying hard enough. When I hear your voice I get nervous. It’s a good kind of nervous. When I see your name pop up on my phone and feel your vibration notification, I get so happy and anxious. I love you more than anything and I’m not just saying that. I’m willing to make time for you and give you everything in me to make you happy if you let me. I’m willing to risk it all. I want to make you apart of my dream. We can be so dynamic together. We can grow together and glow together. I’m madly IN LOVE with you. Have been for a few years now. Hell I wanted you before you had your glow. I always picture myself laying on your chest and hit a blunt at the same time. Telling each other about our day. Laughing like old times. Without you I’m half way there. If I had you, I would be beyond complete. It’s not even the way you look that makes me want you. It’s your whole demeanor. It’s the way you walk, talk, and laugh. All of your flaws? They make me love you even more. I can be the person you can come to. I can be the person you can vent to. Don’t shut me out. Express all of your feelings to me. Really communicate with me. I’ll listen to you, I’ll try to understand you, and I can help you at anytime. When you need me I’ll be there with no hesitation. When you feel alone I’ll be right there. I’ll stop what I’m doing to make you satisfied. I’m not playing games about this. Let’s make it work no matter what. I never wanna say goodbye to you. Never. Baby just be with me and I promise you won’t ever have to rock alone. ~DoR

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