Confessions of Rising Star Damage by PND feat. Halsey

(Above a Pic)

Random Pic of my MacBook that know holds memorable significance 

I was reading something…A pamphlet, or book, or something. It read you will be tested, and I felt it was for what was today. 

It’s interesting, I can get clarity and quick results when it’s something that will irk, deflate, or pull away from joy, happiness, and whatever is desired. Everything else is always there, rarely fleeting. 

Being that I gave up on the romance bullshit, I don’t have that hurdle to rebound, or merely just bound over. That part of me won’t evolve, so I’m good there. It’s kinda like that bulls*** outfit yur mom makes you wear. You don’t wanna do it, but you know you know you gotta do it, eventually. So, you’re good with it in the now, that you don’t have to do it. I am actually amazed that I pulled it off this long. I’m actually thankful that life fights me in that belief of some superficial modus apparande amode an emotion that irreconcilably recycled and reciprocal. Why not mode above it.? 

I don’t feel like….So, I won’t even comment on that, this go round. 

Another artist I empower released art. That helps with the talks to my self, amassed jealous hearts, exuberant empty and apart…





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