Day 29 – 30 Days of Motivation

Nothing good has ever come to me from the words “Call me”.

I heard those words so many times over the years at my previous job and it almost always meant something bad was happening there and call me because we have to talk.

I realized this morning, when my friend texted “call me” I felt an instant pang of dread.  Why do I have to call? Why can’t we just text? What has happened that is so bad it has to be discussed rather than sent in a message.

So I held my breath and made the call wondering what would be said, only to hear the words “I’m on my way”.  Whew….I can relax, nothing bad is happening, panic can exit now.

As I drove on the thought hit me – why do those two little words still have such a profound effect on me?  I should have no association of fear with these words.  I have no threats, no worries, no panics, but I haven’t processed and healed from them yet.

As I continued down the highway, alone with my thoughts, the air blowing cool on me, sensitizing my panic, I decided, that’s it. “call me” will no longer invoke panic. From today forward when someone asks me to call them, I just will; knowing nothing bad will ensue and it’s probably just because they want to hear the sound of my voice.

So… me. 😊

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