Had a crazy nightmare that felt so real…

In this nightmare in the dream I woke up, but when I tried to open my eyes I couldn’t see things clearly. I was in some weird building it looks like but I couldn’t tell what it really was. I thought in my mind I don’t know what happened I must have gotten beaten up so badly that I got brain damage and have impaired consciousness.

I just wish that this wasn’t happening to me…

I feels like my life is over. I tried really hard to remember what happened I just thought I went out somewhere to some bar and drank a lot…could’ve gotten beaten up or fell down somehow? I just don’t know what happened.

It looks like the brain damage is permanent…the pain won’t go away I can’t move properly or see things right…I’ll be stuck like this until I die. It feels so painful, agonizing, wasteful. I haven’t achieved anything in life.

Then all of a sudden I woke up, it was around 3 AM I was so happy that it was just a nightmare but it felt so incredibly real.

I have my consciousness back, I can see things normally.

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