October 5th ’17

Well.. Iam a person who believes writing down things can help you down a bit, release atleast some amount of that damn stress you are going through. And as the saying goes, “paper has more patience than people”. I totally agree with it.

Anyways. Apart from my philosophies, I do have some.serious issues with people. Especially my room mate. Iam doing an undergraduate course right now. And so obviously I had to share the room with others. Because iam not rich.

I had no problems initially with any of them. Towards the end I fought with one of them and poor little girl, she decided to change the room for the next cademic year and she did as she decided.

The other one, I was very much close to. I loved her, though she irritates and troubles me a lot. And I know she loves me too, maybe more than I do.
I call her “my destruction goddess”. She comes, sits on my bed, does at least one thing that I don’t like and goes off to her kingdom. I was never bothered. Infact I was happy. I cared for her.

It’s been more than one year and a half now. It was all smooth. Atleast that is what I thought it would be forever. Well. Life doesn’t offer you everything you ask for. Does it? Nah.

She began to irritate me a lot. I mean, a lot. She began texting people in my phone. I was okay with it initially, just you know, there is a limit to every single thing on this Earth. Right? I ended up locking my apps. She asked me for the passwords and I didn’t give them. She felt really bad that I didn’t oblige to her request. What the hell am I supposed to do? Like, seriously?

And I have this habit of settling financial stuff if we share when we go out to eat or spend a day. And today was one of such days. I asked her how much I should pay her. She usually doesn’t tell anything the first time I ask everytime. I stressed again. She told she will tell later.

And the above mentioned shit happened. Gone! She has gone insane! She told me I had to pay a particular amount which was not fair. And the best part, she even asked me to pay for an instrument that she had bought for me upon my asking. I and asked her about it’s cost when she gave it to me. But she never told anything. Now it’s been more than one year and all of a sudden, today she brougt that up and asked me to pay for that also. That felt bad. She never asked me to pay for anything before. Because usually either I offer to pay or she pays off before I do.

The way people change with just one thing, is horrible. And that too, for a silly thing? More horrible. It makes the me feel like I had done something wrong and I should take the entire blame. And I’m helpless. You know… It’s very difficult to face such people in the same room. Anyways. I have decided not to do anything. Of course, I will continue to be nice with her even if she is not going to treat me the same way. I need to make my ways and points clear. I should make sure that there wish nothing that I had done for the blame to fall upon me. That is the only thing that matters to me now. She has been doing these kind of things lately. And I don’t know when iam gonna burst out and explode. Hope that never happens.

Bye. Peace.



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