A thought on coming out

This is my first post. I wanted somewhere to place my thoughts, where they won’t affect the people I care about, but I can get them out, nevertheless.

Today is national ‘coming out day’. I remember asking my grandmother about coming out as a bisexual, she said she’d still love me if I was, just a little less. She’s always had issues with the notion of any size, shape, or form of being a lesbian. I don’t really care. My dad thought, in some weird, gross way, that it was cool..then proceeded to discuss all the ‘hot women’ he thought about in movies/media. Mom did what she always does, and says she loves me no matter what, then calculates her chances of getting grandkids out of it somehow.

I don’t really care about the notion of being accepted or not…I see so many people get up in arms over being validated within in the LGBTQ (and whatever letters have been added lately) community. I wish I could understand why they care so much whether or not other people give a shit that they’re bisexual. I figure I’m going to do what I’m going to do. It’s none of your business what that is, unless you’re my partner. I don’t need anyone else’s validation for being what I am, because it changes nothing. It isn’t who I am all day, and it changes nothing regarding my work or hobbies. Someone validating or not validating my sexuality isn’t going to make it vanish…are people that insecure that they need a club or cheerleading squad to stoke their ego in being what they are, just to keep being what they are? I wonder what asexual people must think of all this…if they even care.

I also don’t like that so many people think that being bisexual means that you’re promiscuous and like to have multiple partners. As someone who cheated at one point, having multiple partners sucks. It’s the worst feeling to have to re-create yourself and pretend and hold all the lies together like parachute strings. Why the hell would I willingly split myself up and divide my affection when all it does is bring heartache and detachment?

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  1. Really like the easy you think!! Wishing you the best of luck..

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