It’s Been a Year…

Writing without stopping. Just taking my thoughts out:

It’s been a year since I broke up with you. I had to do it. There was no way of making it better anymore. I still miss you sometimes, but I don’t dare to go back. I still love you, but as a friend. I think. I just know I can’t go back, although the relationship was beautiful at times. 

It took me a while to miss you, but I eventually started to, but I stopped myself. I distract myself. I’ve been in other relationships but I still think about you.  Can’t go back though.


Some songs are really hard to listen to. I skip over them, or I play them and get emotional lol. This month is going to be hard. As time passes by, the more unreal it is that we actually left each other…well sort of. You’re still my friend and I still see you around, including your family. But it’s not easy getting over all those years we were together. I know damn well you still think about me, but we can’t go back.


Here’s to a year being without you, I guess.

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