[94.2] ~*Tue – 10/17/17*~

[9:56 pm]

We just got home and of course mom is gone at Jack’s. I sorta wanted to go with her and try a $20 but I really shouldn’t. This is bad, I always want to play now and I used to not care about it at all. 

I should probably wash my hair tonight as I would have more time to straight them tomorrow but I really don’t feel like doing it. I’m already tired and it’s not even 10 o’clock. I’m still debating on going to Jack’s to see mom there but really I should stay home and watch some shows as I’m sorta behind right now.

Anyways, today we went out to eat at KFC and it was a really bad decision. Their chicken just got worse and worse. I keep giving them chances and it’s not getting any better. I like Dixie Lee way better but don’t really go there cause it costs more but at this point I think it would be worth it cause KFC just sucks.

Anyways, after eating we went to Costco. My friend was the one driving and I was in the backseat. A song started playing as she stopped the car. I asked her to start the car which she did but then turned it back off when she realized I only wanted to listen to the song. I got very upset about it and wouldn’t want to come out of the car as she wouldn’t start the car. I finally got out of the car but wouldn’t talk to her anymore. We shopped and I still wouldn’t talk to her. I then went to the washroom and I just cried. I’m not even sure what the song was but for some reason it just reminded me of my dad and it got me super upset even if I didn’t wanted to be. When we got back in the car after eating our ice cream, my friend apologized and I told her I was sorry but the song had reminded me of my dad and as I was saying that I just started crying. We made our way to the Prayer Garden and I basically cried the whole way. When we got out the car my friend gave me a huge hug and said she was deeply sorry about turning the car off when I asked her not too. She thought I was just playing around but soon realized I wasn’t as I was very upset in the store. I told her it was okay and that I was sorry for getting so upset. I started talking to her again. I just felt like I do so much for her all the time to keep her happy and all I was asking was to listen to this one song and she wouldn’t let me listen to it. I wasn’t asking much. Anyways, it was pretty sad looking at the Prayer Garden. It looked so dead as all the flowers and plants were dying down. Last time we went with mom, I had climbed up the hill where they have a waterfall. This time my friend did. God knows why she did that but she did. The waterfall was all dried up so it wasn’t pretty like when I had climbed.

After the Prayer Garden we went to Dollarama as mom wanted to buy some glue for the store. We also bought some pops and candies for the movie. We then went home to get hub and made our way to the movie. We saw Happy Death Day as mom wanted to see a scary movie. The movie was good and I laughed cause my friend jumped a few times and once I scared her as I grabbed her when the girl in the movie was getting close the to the murderer. After the movie we went for a little drive on the way to bringing my friend home and now we’re back in our lovely house. Mom is gone to Jack’s and I stayed home tonight as I want to catch up on some shows and probably take a quick shower as I need to wash that hair of mine. I want to wait until tomorrow but I know I should do it tonight.

Oh yea, I almost forgot, I got an email from the Halfway House. I guess they are still looking for someone as one of the new hired didn’t work out. I so want to work there but it’s only casual so I don’t know about that. I think I will email the guy so he can explain more of what exactly he is looking for.

I think I also forgot to say which movie we saw on Sat which was Blade Runner 2049. Not really a movie I liked. I kept fighting with myself not to fall asleep. I don’t think I did fall asleep but I might of. Lol! The movie was so damn long, it was almost three hrs long. That is way too long for me, especially when it’s a movie you don’t want to see.









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