[97] ~*Fri – 10/20/17*~

[8:37 pm]

I ended up not taking a bath last night and just watching shows. I didn’t get as far as I wanted too but I watched shows until 1 am. I was going to bed and hub was getting up. I’m not sure if he’s feeling better but I hope so. He only went to bed at like 9 am this morning. I asked him why he wasn’t in bed yet and of course he used me as an excuse. Said I always tell him not to go to bed when I’m close to waking up. Pfft! I had told him last night that my first client had cancelled. The only reason I was up is cause the office called me at 8:50 asking me to take a client at 9:00. Really people?! You can’t just call me 10 mins before the time especially if I knew the night before that I could sleep in. I told her I couldn’t cause I sleep with sleeping pills and I can’t just wake up like that. She then asked if I’d be alright for 10, I said no. The office called again around 11:45 to say my 12:30 had cancelled. I was asked again if I wanted to do a fill in, same person as earlier. I just didn’t feel like going out of bed at all so I said no again and kept sleeping. Really I should of went since I lost two hours on Wed but I had no will of getting out of bed. I left at the last min for my 2 o’clock so I didn’t have time to go to the office to drop off my paperwork. I will have to do that tomorrow. Only thing, I don’t have enough paper for the whole week since I didn’t pick any up today, I’ll have to go Mon or Tue to get some. 

I’ve been asking hub since the month started to make an appointment for the car’s safety inspection. Of course, he hasn’t done it. He keeps saying next week but soon there won’t be any more next week so I called and made the appointment myself. Blah that man! 

I should probably do my laundry tonight just in case I don’t have time tomorrow. I also need to do a grocery at some point. I’m just not sure when I’ll have time. I’d like to also wash my bed sheets very soon. Gaw! Not enough time in a day. 

I’ve talked to mom and she said that my brother looked a bit better today. They still don’t know what’s going on with his blood so they will be doing more tests on Mon. Apparently he doesn’t remember much of what happened yesterday, he doesn’t even remember seeing my mom. I just hope he will get better. Mom said they were also talking about a nursing home so he might end up going in a home when ever he gets out of the hospital. I think he would be okay with it, he just doesn’t really want to go as he would lose his friends where he lives right now. I told mom that she could always give money to his friends so they could take the taxi or something to go see him once in a while if he does end up going to the nursing home. I just really hope it will all turn out for the best. I didn’t really talked to my other brother has he had called mom earlier so I didn’t have to let him know what was up with our brother.

Well, I think the laundry will wait tomorrow or maybe even next week. There isn’t much as I had done some on Mon and my shirt for the store is already washed. I just don’t feel like doing much. I might end up doing the dishes and taking a bath but I’m still not sure about that. For now I’ll be watching some shows as I still have like 13 to watch. So many!




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