Student Loan Debt

Let us be clear, I post to this so I can get out my opinions and frustration out without having to shitpost all over social media that bears my name and visage. This is my outlet to the aether.

With all debate on whether or not we should have to pay what we do for college or whether it should be something made affordable or free, I’ve heard so many different opinions it could make one’s head spin. They’re invariably loaded with vitriol, sometimes in the guise of civil discussion, sometimes laid out bare.

The truth is that at the ripe old age of 12, I made peace with the fact that in order to have a college education, I was going to live in debt for the rest of my life and I would never make enough to pay that debt off. And I’m not wrong- for 70k, who outside of lawyers and doctors has that kind of money to pay it down? With no help from my family, and having to start at the bottom, I’m paying down my interest, but I will never live debt free. I will never be able to retire. Death will free me from my monetary slavery, unless the country decides to change drastically or a hacker with altruistic intent makes a move in my favor (both are unlikely).

This may sound bleak, but I don’t see it as pessimistic. It’s realistic. I’m no longer in my 20’s and I’m nowhere near making 50k/year. With pending hospital debt for unexpected, pending cancer and bills to pay, I have no false sense of hope regarding this. But I deserved this, right? For wanting to further my education.

Before anyone says I don’t try hard enough, let me be clear on my work ethic. I have worked since I was legally acceptable to work, at the age of 14. I hold two jobs, and have since I reached the age of 24. I have no children, nor do I plan to. I have no drug habits or gambling issues (I don’t even play scratch offs or participate in the lottery), I’m not an alcoholic, and I’ve never even smoked a cigarette. I make a livable wage, and run a small side business from home to help with the medical bills. I don’t go on shopping sprees, and I have good credit. Let us be VERY fucking clear about all of this, so you don’t mistake me for having any kind of issues that would lead you to think I brought on insurmountable debt due to a character flaw or outside careless act. College should not cost what it does. It has become a method of causing indentured servitude for life, and they dangle the carrot of building a better life with that degree to entice you.

If I could go back, I would have never gone through 4 years of college at a main campus. I would have attended a community college and found a job that perhaps paid off the rest. Not the military, that’s another angler fish altogether.

I am not here to demand free college or demand reparations for the financial harm I’ve been dealt. I’m here to say that it is abhorrent, what they do to us all. I don’t care who you are or what your experience has been, it should never have gotten to this level of money-grubbing.

Taxing us to cover things like this would be a tax I’d be willing to pay (as someone who ACTUALLY PAYS THEIR FUCKING TAXES, unlike SOME people “running” this shit-show). After all, I pay school taxes and have no children (nor will I ever), I pay social security and will likely never receive a penny of it and I’m happy to do it, because I believe that all of the “Christian values” people claim to have should be put first. You know, like helping the needy, or not being a dick.

I’ve accepted that I will die with this over my back, knowing that it ends when I do. But I hope more than anything that this can be changed, for the sake of the future of our country…because right now, it’s pretty fucking bleak.

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