Day 7

Dear diary,

  We met up at burger king instead. I brought my own blindfold and placed it over my eyes. I lay there in silence, breathing hard. Using all my energy to go against my nature. I wanted to leave deep down but my soul demanded I stay. I began to imagine how things could go and I pictured being stabbed and bleeding out. Thank you id wisper as i watched to blood bump out quickly and my sight fade away. What a gruesome sight to see. The gore and horror of a bloody corpse reclined with a smile. Whos eyes are like little glass balls, looking out with no care left to take advantage of. I pictured this all until my passenger side door swung open. A man sits down next to me and starts to speak. I knew right away that he wasnt going to hurt me… at least I thought I knew. I was too scared to fight off his advances… guess I made promises I couldnt keep…

He lifted my shirt and upon touching my tiny breasts, he pinched one with a cloths pin. I winced at the pain but I wanted more. Maybe a slow torture was more his style. Cutting me apart piece by piece. 

I smirked. A sigh of relief calmly left my lips. 

He kissed me next. His lips were hard but i can recall that he smelt nice. Quickly i thought about the cigarette i smoked prior to this. I must have smelt like a nasty cheap whore.

He took my hand and placed it into his stiff jeans. I struggled not to fight back as his jeans pushed and scraped against my arm. He took my hand away and pulled out his hard cock. Placed my hand on it. I wanted to say no. That this wasnt what i wanted but people are merciless sometimes. They wont give you what you want until they get something worth working toward.

After so long i realized that there would be no murder today. I was giddy all day long, in hopes of this day being my last. So i wasnt happy and i said i had to go.

Not only was this a disappointment but a fatal blow to my relationship. Either way my world was ending.

Before he gets out, he places money in my hand. He told me to buy some new underwear. Although, just before this he mutters… “the town is so proud of you”. What the fuck was that suppose to mean? And why should i give a shit about the towns opinion?

Congrats im still a nasty whore, thanks for the encouragement buddy.

Maybe next time grow a fucking pair and put me out of my mother fucking misery.



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