Flew By

October just flew by on me. It’s been a month since I wrote an entry here. To be honest, I forgot about this place. I wanted to try write in my book journal, but I would go days or weeks before filling it in and not remembering what had happened during that time span. 
I’ve begin to notice that ever since the car accident me and Nathan had the day after christmas last year that I am more forgetful. Every day it seems like it gets worse. During the day I can be talking to Nathan or a coworker right before going to do something and then totally forget what I was going to do and I never figure out what it was that I was going to do. I’ve gone to my doctor and asked about it. They think it may be from that, but it could me that it’s just my memory going anyway since I don’t exercise my brain much.  I think I exercise it enough from the workbooks we have to do for work. 
I shouldn’t even say workbooks. It’s college work to work with people with disabilities.  Have to do college course, but you get no credit for it and it’s mandatory for our whole state to do it if you work for these people. I have to take a test on the legal aspects of working with mentally disabled people and I’m stressing. It’s on the 8th and I just can’t get myself to study. Maybe I will skip this one and just do the other test day later this month and just study from now until then. My brain will be fried, but whatever. 
I’ve been working a lot of overtime due to 4 people quitting and mostlikely I won’t get my vacation in december because we are so short staffed. Ugh. 
Though Nathan and I have been doing better it seems, except the days he doesn’t smoke.  He’s been trying to quit but he isn’t doing very well at it. Still buying cigarettes like crazy and whatever. Days he doesn’t smoke he gets extremely crabby and I just try to stay away from him. 
I actually don’t know why I even started writing on here because I forgot about a lot already. Other than the big snow storm we had yesterday. That was a trip driving home. a 15 minute drive out of town turned into an hour drive because the highway was so covered with snow. The only way I didn’t go into a ditch was because I went off the rumble strips in the road. Even then I wasn’t sure if I was in the middle of the road or on the left or right side. lolAfter that it was okay. The dirt road was fine until my neighbors house, but I got through it pretty easily. I kinda hoped it was going to go all night for tonight so that I could stay home from work, but it didn’t happen. lol 
It’s daylight savings here and working that extra hour already has me drained. It went back to 1am and we all forgot and keep looking at the other clocks at work that say it’s almost time to go home.. but it’s not. lol Another three hours to go instead of two. 
Ugh. Winter is officially here. 

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  1. I can totally relate to the stress of working full time in your field whilst studying for the qualification during my own free time .. I find it overwhelming and when there are other things which need doing I quite often forget because my brain is generally cluttered 24/7. I keep telling myself the studying will be worth it in the end and I just need to be super organised, make lists or something but its hard to find the motivation when I’m feeling tired most of the time. I try and create little breaks spending time with friends for some fun and down-time without feeling guilty for the unit I have yet to complete. At the moment it feels like a never ending cycle but one day this cycle will pass onto something new and hopefully better things.

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