[115] ~*Sat – 11/11/17*~

[4:07 pm]

Arg! I just burned myself. Not too bad, just a little bit on the hand but it stings. I was about to make myself something to eat in the oven when I realized that the element on top was detached which I have no clue how it happened. I tried to put it back and of course, touched it and burned myself. I just don’t understand how it came unhooked and it’s an old stove so I’m a bit scared to cook in it. Maybe we should invest in a new one so I would feel safer. It would look horrible if we got a new stove and kept the old fridge so me being myself, if we change one we need to change both and that’s some more money that we can’t spend right now.

Anyways, I didn’t have time to write last night cause I only got home at midnight from work and I watched a show and went straight to bed. It was 1 am and I didn’t even read cause I was just too tired.

I started work at 9:30 am and finished at basically midnight. It was a very long day and I’m surprised I didn’t fall asleep at the movie. Not that it didn’t almost happened, I was falling asleep but managed to keep myself awake. I was disappointed with the movie as I wanted to see it because of Johnny Depp which we only see at the beginning of the movie. Blah! We saw Murder On The Orient Express.

It snowed a little bit yesterday for like an hour. It was so beautiful!

So yea, I worked 15 hrs yesterday and slept 14 hrs but I could still sleep. I forced myself out of bed. I really wanted to clean the suggies cage today but I don’t think I will since it’s already 4 pm and it will start getting dark soon. This is what I don’t like of this time of year, it’s dark too damn early. My back also hurts which hadn’t happened in a while. That said, it means I haven’t stayed in bed this long for a while. Every time I have a day off I need to be doing something. I still don’t feel like I’ve got enough rest. 

I feel bad about it but I think today will just be a lazy day cause deep down I really don’t feel like doing anything when I should be taking advantage of this day off to get caught up on things. Bleh! I might and I say might, still do some dishes and maybe put away the last basket of laundry I didn’t put away on Thu night. Writing about doing those things feels exhausting right now. I guess we shall see how it goes.

I should eat and watch some shows for now.




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