Coffee or wine ?

Well oh well .. where to start where oh where to start .. I’m a mom .. a mom to 3 wonderful amazing children that I love with all my damn heart and no .. not a single soul pays me to say that hah .. Yes they drive me completely and utterly insane some days but my days wouldn’t be the same without them ! . 

My life has been a roller coaster since I was even born . I definitely didn’t grow up with a silver spoon that’s for sure hah but I’m not gonna bore you to death with the boring details of my childhood on my first entry hah all anybody needs to know tonight is that I’m finally happy , after all the bullshit your more then likely gonna hear about I can say I am happy.

I now wake to a man that actually love me ! I never really understood how a man was suppose to treat a woman I just knew how a woman treated a man and I always did my part, in every relationship I tried to make work it always fell apart until now .. now I see what I’m worth because of this man. He thanks me for cooking an amazing meal for him and he thanks me for sweeping the floor !! And no . It’s not like he has to , or that’s what I want but you being a woman reading this . Doesint it sound nice lady’s? .. I’m telling you this man has literally swept me off my feet .. literally ! I have a hard time breathing when were in the same room hah it’s that bad .. and my kids are just as in love with him ad I am .. i can’t even stand in kitchen and show him love or give him affection without my son and daughter standing at our feet wanting us lol . 

honestly tho .. they say there’s a key to happiness … well damn my key walked into my life on October 6 2017 .. oh and guess how he found out I was single lady’s … the magical world of tinder Hahaha .  See we were friends for 5 damn years on Facebook, and then all of a sudden I was swiping away on tinder and came across him and just to be nosy (me thinking he would never think of me like that ) I swiped right on him and kept going . Well a couple days passed and October 6th came .. and it came with a terrible accident I’ll never forget .. 2 sweet kind young lads were killed in an accident that night . A cousin of mine and a friend . It was a horrible day .. the worst of days to be honest .. and I had appointments all day that day and we and my sister were trying so so hard to get our shit done but it was just going nowhere .. the end of the night finally rolled around and as I laid in bed trying to hide from my phone so I didn’t have to ready or hear what everybody was saying about the boys I got a weird sound on my phone .. and there he was .

 Right there on the phone it said . You have a new message from Dustin .  On tinder . I’m telling you he couldn’t have came at a better time . My emotions were on a roller coaster and I could hardly breath but once I started talking to him everything sorta changed , he calmed me down to a point that I could stand to get up and look around at the mess I let my house get into from ignoring it for 1 whole day so I could sit here and cry .. i will never forget the first msg .. well hello missy ! And he still says it to me to this day haha which is quite funny ! But he still makes me smile . Just like he did that night he messaged me .. I smile like a kid that just got a hand full of chocolate . I’m happy .. and I couldn’t be any happier if I tried!!! Till tomorrow, night ✌

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