people in genral life

My friends are the greatest people on the planet they are but sometimes they can be quite shit, like last Wednesday when I thought me and this girl lets call her olive sais to about one of my best friends that

“im not sitting with you at lunch because I don’t like new people” er hello bitch I was new to you when we started this year at college. the person that had come to visit was my dear friend liam how can anyone be that rude about him.

that wasnt the only thing that had pissed me that day it was also my support helper at college now I know what your thinking support helper Dayna come on accept help I do asccept help when I want It im am 20 year old right that means I quite capale of going round leicter with a group of friends, she informed my form tutor that she was worried about me going round leciter by myself if anything they should be worried more about the others they are like 16 and 17 there is no need im 20 not 18 no offence to anyone who is 18 or 17 or 16 in fact its just more wired that im 20 and stuck in a group of a bunch off gossipy teenage girls.

Do you ever get the feeling that you will be single for ever I do everyone else is in a realtion ship and im stuck on my own it feels shit

love dayna xx

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