[125] ~*Wed – 11/22/17*~

[11:55 pm]

Blah! I know I’m always talking about the same problem but this is just to show how much it’s affecting me. I went to bed at past midnight and of course I had to read a bit before sleeping. I did take my pill first though to make sure I wouldn’t read for too long. So by the time I tried sleeping I had about six hours to sleep. Meh!

I slept not too bad but of course when hub came to bed I had to check the time. I just don’t understand why I need to check the time when he comes to bed. He came it was 6:33 am so I had less than an hour left to sleep. That said, I didn’t sleep again as my body started stressing. I looked back at the time and it was 7:14 so I had six mins left. Pfft! I just honestly don’t understand why my body starts stressing once I look at the time and I can’t seem to keep myself from checking cause I’m always scared to not get up in time. 

I’m also not used on being on the road for 8 am so I got stuck in the traffic this morning and got to my client’s 10 mins late. When I leave for 9 am, the traffic is pretty much gone by that time. This client took an extra hour for her eye surgery but I got double paid for an hour so that’s good. My day was very long. I went to the Casino and played mom’s $20 and got $10 for the Mystery Money. I didn’t win with the $20 but made $100 out of the $10. Woohoo! My friend got $5 and didn’t make anything. I felt so bad. I wanted to give her money but I told myself it would pay for the time I’ll be missing at work this week.

It’s super late but I still want to watch a few shows cause I don’t want to get too behind on them. I think I might bring my laptop with me so I could always watch some at mom’s. I also would want to put some of her stuff from her tablet on the PC so yea. I’m not sure at what time we’re leaving tomorrow but I’d like to leave before noon but that’s asking too much from my part as I’m sure I’ll be sleeping until noon. I don’t know if I should pack our bag tonight or wait tomorrow morning. I feel like I still have so much to get ready and no time. I can’t believe Fri is almost here. I wanted to get a motorcycle thing for my brother and I didn’t even get one. I looked a few places and didn’t find one but I didn’t look hard enough. Maybe I’ll look in town tomorrow.

Anyways, I should get going with my things if I want to get to bed in a few hours to try and get up before noon tomorrow.




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