[131.1] ~*Thu – 11/30/17*~

[10:47 pm]

Meh! I’ve just finished watching the last show I had to watch so I guess I will get back to Orange Is The New Black since I had put that show aside when all the other shows had started.

I want to call mom at 11:20 pm so I’m not going to bed now or I’ll forget to call. I could also quite possibly fall asleep. For the past few nights I’ve been very tired. I lay there to read and after not much I need to put my book (phone I guess since I’m reading the book on my phone) away cause I’m falling asleep. I keep thinking that I’d be just relaxing for a lil and then I’d read more but of course I always wake up and like an hour went by.

I kind of want to eat some chips right now but I don’t have any. I need to go for a grocery tomorrow. It was supposed to be today but since we’re already so much over budget, I’m waiting for the new month to start. I also need to buy stuff to make food for the suggies as they are on their last cubes.

Hub said he really want us to get a Switch. We got the money for it last year but we never bought one cause we were waiting to see if more games were going to come out. Didn’t really look good but right now there’s a new Mario game that we really want to play so I guess we will be buying one. Hub been asking me for the past two days to see if I went out to get one. I like how he won’t go and get one, I need to do it. I’m so lucky to have a man that doesn’t spend money. But yea, I told him he wasn’t allowed to play the game without me and that I only would have time on Tue so I’d get it for that day. Now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t even know if I’ll have time to play. I have my foot care on that day and I’m supposed to clean the suggies cage. I can’t believe it’s already the first Tue of a new month. Feel like I’ve only just cleaned the cage. 

Anyways, I wanted to go to mom’s for her Bday and bring my friend so she could make meat pies with her like last year but my friend can’t come cause she needs to be at her place on the Wed of that week. I was thinking of going the week before but if we go on that week we’d be going without hub. I’m not too sure if I want to go away without hub. I said I couldn’t trust him alone. Haha! He said he’d be playing his Ark game the whole time which I believe him. But now if we have a Switch, maybe he’d be playing that…

Another friend also texted me yesterday to say she’s starting a new shift so she’ll be having Tue off for a lil while. That’s awesome cause we’ll be able to get together and play those two escape rooms that we haven’t gotten the chance to play yet. I’m all excited!




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