My embarrassing essay that I did on Jacksepticeye

I took a creative writing class in high school.One day my teacher assigned me a descriptive writing project. At the time I was really into Jacksepticeye on Youtube. So I wrote about him, I did it like over night, and I got an A, but then the teacher used it as an example for the week… so my embarrassing, fangirly writing stayed pinned up in the class for everyone to see, and see how weird I was.  To my surprise quiet a few people knew who he was in my privet school, they knew him enough to read my writing and say “isn’t that Jackepticeye…”


I took a seat at the small wooden table outside of the quaint little coffee shop, opening up my laptop next to my steaming cup of coffee. My eyes caught sight of tall man walking passed me to sit down a table away from mine. I allowed myself a glance in his direction before looking back at my screen, but then was looking back over at him. He slid the weather worn chair back just enough to take a step around it and sit down. As much as I tried, I didn’t want to tear my eyes from the man beside me, something about him caught my intrest. His tall skinny body lazily laid back in the chair, letting his dark green backpack slide off his shoulder and carfully guiding it to it’s place on the ground next to him.

He takes a quick sip of his hot drink before setting it down on the slightly wobbly table. The cold winter air allowed me to watch his long, quiet sigh fog up the air around his lips. He quickly turned in my direction making me jump and nerviously stare at my laptop. I saw him digging through his bag in the corner of my eye and turned my head to watch him, unfortuntly at the same moment he decided to look up and stare at me. My bland gray eyes locked with his, I was mesmerized by his crystal blue eyes. His pale pink lips pulled up in a mischievous smirk that made a chill run down my back, and my heart flutter.

I made myself turn my attention to my computer, and pretented to start typing on the word pad. I felt his stare for a moment longer before he returned to pulling out the book from his bag. The large lettering on the cover read, ‘The Hobbit’. He leaned back and turned to the bookmarked page, quickly getting lost in the words within. My eyes wandered from the small lettering on the pages up his arm, to his strong forearm disappearing into the sleeve of his black jacket, pushed up to below his elbow to free his hands.

As I was staring he suddenly jerked his head to move his hair from his line of sight. I think I liked his hair the most, partly tucked into a black beanie, his brown hair trimmed short everywhere except for his messy bangs that just reached past his bushy eye brows. His bangs had been dyed green some time ago, now fading back to the bleached white version showing his natural light brown roots underneath. My eyes moved down, following the contour of his jaw line which emphasized his stubble lining. I glanced over his little nose, then his lips, which were parted slightly as he whispered out the words he read.

After I had decided I had had my fill of creeping on this new stranger, I turned my attention to my computer, and kept my eyes to my screen most the time, every now I couldn’t help but check in on him, stealing a look as he frequently turned the page or took a sip of his drink. After sometime I got into writing the fiction story I was making up, and without warning I heard someone take a seat at my table. I flinched, and looked up over my screen at the man I had been admiring from a far.

“Hello, lass.” He perkily greeted. His slightly high-pitched tone, and strong Irish accent sent butterflies loose in my stomach. His chapped lips formed into a marvelous smile, showing off his white teeth. I gave a small shy smile in return.


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