117. The Knyht’s

House hunting kills meeeeeee….

Life is crazy as usual. Work trying to have a social life…

I missed her birthday….all because my mother literally is robbing me of everything. 

Jays birthday party was a blast, needless to say. 

There’s so much more to write….how ever I’m tired, I have work early, I have a bouquet of flowers to deliver after filling out my new hire paper work. 

My money flow is about to be ridiculous, debt gone and back on track to buy a house. I may wait…as I’m not sure what the point of buy a house is, if it’s just my self and the did babies. I have no desire for a relationship, or intimacy. I’m very content just being alone. It’s quiet, I welcome the silence. Nor can I dedicate my self to someone when I’m still in love with someone else. I also can seem to get over the guilt of being good to a woman who isn’t “her”. She deserves my best, no one else….

She doesn’t want it…ill just be the best for my self, and my babies.  


All about the Knyht’s 

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