Day 3: Honeymoon in Chile

We finally ended up making it to Santiago mid afternoon.  We got a taxi to take us to our Hostel for the night, Eco Hostel.  However, the guy that helped us with our taxi ripped us off and made us pay 60,000 Chilean Peso when it should have only been 15,000.  Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice and you won’t fool me again (great George Bush quote!). 

              After being almost 2 days late we made it to our Hostel where we only ended up being able to stay one night instead of two.  We checked in and after gathering our thoughts after a long day of traveling we went out to check out the city.  The center city was about half a mile from our hostel and we were very lucky to have arrived on the Chilean holiday of “Immaculate Conception Day” where they through a really cool parade that we were able to check out.  The city center was great and full of vibrant Chilean culture from the amazing street market to the exquisite local cuisine.

              Once we had our fix of the parade and the street markets we made our way to a really cool, small restaurant called Tambo Lastarria.  We decided to go all out and get some of their authentic Civeche.  It was the best Civeche I have ever had!  All of the seafood seamed so fresh and the taste was quite refreshing.  Sherry and I have been joking that with the troubles that we were having with the language barrier we were doing better by just communicating with hand signals.  We came up with a quite humorous hand signal for delicious!  Anyway, side rant complete, the Civeche was lovely.  We strolled around a bit longer through more street markets and went for another snack and a local beer at a really cool roof top bar called El Biografo.  We split what I kept calling meat fries, which is french fries topped with suateed onions and meat.  We had seen it look a lot better but these were still ok.  I had a pretty good local pale ale from Guayacan brewery and Sherry had an amazing glass of Sangria.

              We both agreed that we experienced way more from our quick half of a day in Santiago than we expected.  The food, the culture, and the overall vibe of Santiago was better than we were expecting.  However we were ready to make our way back to out Hostel and get ready to wake up early for our trip to Puerto Varas and escape the smog of Santiago.

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