Relief, Now Back to the Regular Chaos

The Devil Woman finally called and had a long talk with Smokey. I’m having the feeling like the Office Manager and I have become like Chicken Little and Henny Penny shouting the sky is falling! When the sky was just like yo bitch, calm down. I haven’t decided if I’m falling or not. Sheesh! Her plan is still the same. Unless this situation is thoroughly unfixable, and her lawyers tell her there is no other option but to close, she plans on retiring in a year. Less if she can afford, but more than likely a year. We will have ample planning time if something changes. That the Office Manager and I have vital positions. She also believes the other doctor who is buying her out would be keeping us on. Although, I don’t think I plan on staying through the new changes. His style of practice doesn’t jive with my belief system. A lot of spiritual-centric healing. My personal belief is a health care provider should not include religion. I very much so believe in a God or higher power. But that doesn’t mean i want to discuss Jesus, Buddha or any prophet or spiritual teachings with my DOCTOR. So I am continuing with my personal plan to use this time to educate myself and figure out my next career path. Smokey wants to try and get more work or a higher paying job during this time. I am the head of household, so there will be some slack to pick up. But at the same time I’m like DUDE, there is a point where we were so poor we lived in Smokey’s car for 2 weeks! We can downgrade some entertainment services and cable, go back to couponing and living on a smaller budget etc. and send me back to school. I’ll make it work. And a year gives me time to re-build our savings and recover from the upcoming wedding.

SOOOO I am an idiot. I freaked hard. I got caught up in it with Office Manager and now we can both relax to some degree. I’m putting my focus back on Christmas / Hannukah and the wedding.

THE DRESS! For fuck sake the dress! I’m going to try and get some quotes and see who is free enough to slam this home in a month or less! Wish me luck. And keep breathing! 

3 thoughts on “Relief, Now Back to the Regular Chaos”

  1. Aww thanks so much Breaker! I really appreciate the love and support and suggestions! <3 And Molly says thank you for the hugs! As for the wedding, we're a month out, the reality is there isn't much we can change now. But our families will understand if the worst happens. Worst case scenario, we cut our stay and leave earlier to head home. 🙂

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