Because you are my only escape

Dear Diary,

It has been nearly 11 months since I last saw him or spoken to him. At times I close my eyes and try to think what went wrong and I cant seem to understand. I wonder at times that if being truthful and loyal to you ends up like this void. You always think too much instead of trying to reason it out. 

I am not angry with you my friend but I am just sad that I put my heart and soul into our friendship and I don’t seem to understand what went wrong. I am just worried if you are okay and doing fine. You don’t talk much and I feel its difficult for others to understand you. I hope you are okay. I wish I could just see you and talk to you.

At times when things just pile up I just sit and cry and thoughts that you too are not there come gushing like the waves on the shore. I just cry my heart out and I so wish that you were there than may be this pain wouldn’t have been that much. At times I tell myself I don’t want you if you don’t care but then the fact is that I cant replace you with anyone.  

I close my eyes and I can hear your voice and it makes me more lonely. I don’t know where I stand in your life but to me you are an important piece in my life which cannot be replaced. I try to fill this void by talking to everyone but in the end I end up saying gosh none is like my friend.  Please come back I need you and I want you. 

Being with you is like me escaping into a world where I forget all my worries. I guess you are my knight in shining armor who rescues me from all loneliness.

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